Scrubnsweep's mission is to Revolutionize the cleaning business.

Scrubnsweep was started with the goal of disrupting the cleaning service industry and providing the best service around.

Young but ambitious 

Founded in 2022 by a young entrepreneur with experience in the home services industry, Scrubnsweep is a platform connecting customers with experienced cleaning service providers. Our goal at Scrubnsweep is to deliver the best cleaning experience to our customers. One of the ways Scrubnsweep provides a seamless experience is by utilizing technology to make booking and managing appointments easier.

At Scrubnsweep, we offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you are not satisfied with the cleaning you've received, then if you reach out to us within 48 hours will send someone out to reclean the missed spots. Our company motto is A happy home is a clean home, and putting a smile on our customer's faces means we are living up to our goals and principles.

Services we offer


Residential Cleaning

At Scrubnsweep, we like to say: “A clean home is a happy home,” so our goal is to put a smile on your face when you see your home transform into a happy home. Our experienced cleaners work hard so that you receive the authentic Scrubnsweep experience and that your needs are met and satisfied.

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Airbnb Cleaning

Hotels rooms get cleaned after every guest, so why not do the same for your Airbnb unit and give it that professional touch that would not only make your guests happy but also, when you use our service, you can have that peace of mind your unit is getting the much-needed love it needs every time.

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Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning

Rather your a real estate agent or a homeowner/tenant handling a move can be a massive undertaking, but when you enlist Scrubnsweep to help, you can have a huge load lift off your back knowing that when you see your home’s transformation, you might even reconsider your move.

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Deep Cleaning

If you haven’t had a professional cleaning in a while, or have a bigger mess than you can handle, look no further than our deep cleaning option which has you covered. When we perform a deep cleaning service, we make sure to give your home the extra care and attention that it deserves.

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