With Scrubnsweep's Move in/Out Cleaning Package, moving can be made easier, so sit back and enjoy the process as you check one task off your to-do list.

Rather your a real estate agent or a homeowner/tenant handling a move can be a massive undertaking, but when you enlist Scrubnsweep to help, you can have a huge load lift off your back knowing that when you see your home’s transformation, you might even reconsider your move.

What's Included:

Plus everything from the Residential and Deep Cleaning packages

All Rooms

Cobweb removal
Mop and Sweep floors
Dust  furniture
Dust baseboards 
Disinfect light switches
Wipe and clean mirrors 
Dust and clean windows sills/ledges(Interior)
Dust ceiling fans 
Empty out the trash 
Clean mirrors 
Check for garbage underneath the bed 
Washing of baseboard*
Vacuuming of vent cover*
Cleaning of doorframes*
Extensive and detailed vacuuming of all floors*
Interior clean of bookcases, drawers and cabinets**
Extensive cleaning of all floors**


Plus everything from all rooms
Clean desktop
Make beds/Change beds(If linen is available) 
*Included with the Deep Cleaning
**Included with the Move In - Out Cleaning

Bath Rooms

Plus everything from all rooms
Sanitize and clean sinks 
Sanitize and clean fixtures
Scrub and clean toilet and surrounding areas 
Clean soap scum from Shower and Bathtub
Disinfect doorknobs 
Vacuum mats 


Plus everything from all rooms
Load Dishwasher 
Clean oven(outside) and stove top
Clean outside of appliances and disinfect handles
Clean inside microwave
Clean stove hood
Clean inside oven**
Clean inside refrigerator**